Armando Xhomo


Gallery 89 is proud to present legendary Florentine artist Armando Xhomo, whose unique style is influenced by twentieth-century avant-garde and ancient Mediterranean mythology.  Xhomo’s work flows from a deep well of existential contemplation within an abstracted sociopolitical context, infusing the mundane with the theatrical; according to Italian art critic Giammarco Props, “The true enigma of art finds its theater and its plot inside of paintings by Armando Xhomo.  Extraordinary painter, effectively travels inside figurative situations.”

Exhibitions and Awards:

1995 Italy Award, organized by Eco of Modern Art

2011 Prize “Arturo Clean” Proposal, organized by ARTEFORTE and

Ugo Guidi Museum

Praetorian Palace Exhibition

Palazzo di Parte Guelfa Exhibition

Museum of Champions Exhibition

Goddess Gallery Exhibition

Ministry of Art and Culture Gallery and Arteve Tirane

Museum of Roman Civilization (Rome)

EXPO Genoa Contemporary Art

Stemperando (National Historic Meseum – Tirana)

Florence Contemporary Art (Palazzo Medici Riccardi)

Blurring (Villa Pamphili, Rome)

Art and EXPO Time In The City (Milan)

International Art (Spoleto)