Brad Poissant

My work is part engineering, part carpentry, part chemistry, and some day dreaming. When I look at a pile of discarded junk, I start to see sculpted forms. I really like junk! When I walk up to a junk pile my mind is thinking, “this looks like….., or look at all the fun things I could make”. I find myself thinking, ”I can’t believe somebody threw this good stuff away.” Recycling is essentially what I do. By welding and forging I fabricate what I’m seeing in my minds eye. It’s like laying in the grass as a kid and seeing shapes in the clouds; a bird, or some other animal, or maybe a beak or a face. I use the natural quality of oxidized metal and welding beads to create textural interest to describe my ideas. I’ve worked a lot with wood; often rebuilding and restoring things to life. As much as I enjoy working with metal, I still like to make sawdust! Right now I’m working primarily with metal found objects, wire, and stone. I’m making them into sculpted pieces that remind me of both what they’ve been and what they can be. What I’m attempting to do in my current work is take what someone has discarded and fabricate something new that can be meaningful and enjoyable to be around. This work fascinates me; from finding the old tool and parts, to figuring out my design, and finally, bringing it all together. The metal parts I use each have a story to tell. They may have been tools or parts of working machinery that someone used everyday. I like to know what they’ve been, and how they were once important to someone. That helps me visualize them in my work. The combination of things I put together range from being whimsical, sometimes making a humorous statement, and sometimes being quite serious.