Jennifer Baker


Symbiosis series

The living together of unlike organisms. Some symbiotic relationships are obligate, meaning that both symbionts entirely depend on each other for survival. Others are facultative, meaning that they can, but do not have to live with the other organism.

These works showcase the metal work of David Marshall and the glasswork of Jennifer Baker as well as the collaborative efforts that blend the two mediums into one unified composition by two artists… our facultative Symbiosis.

Artist’s Biography 

Jennifer is a glass artist in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  She lived in the Midwest before moving to Colorado in 2007. Her creative instincts would not be fully realized until she was immersed in the colors, lights and shadows of the rich mountain landscapes, expansive skies and crystal waters of the west that inspire her work.

That inspiration is best expressed in the medium of glass.  The subtlety of the colors, the reflections and the translucency of light on and through the glass, and the uncertainty of the final piece bring that world into works that range from impressionistic landscapes to  sculpture. Fascinated with a process that can be unpredictable, Jennifer manipulates the placement of the glass to represent major shapes, and then layers and/or casts to create textures and interferences that scatter light.

The “Symbiotic” series pieces blend what can be seen as a raw, more harsh medium of metal with a blend of the softer, recycled glass.  The two mediums blend into one, uniform sculpture, adding to the story being told.

JENNIFER BAKER, Glass Artist –Bio
Selected Exhibitions and Awards:

2016 Awarded Honorable Mention, Equinox, Denver, CO

2016 Sync Gallery:  Equinox, Denver, CO

2016 Circle 7 Fine Art:  Art of Zen, Steamboat Springs, CO

2015 The Depot Art Center:  Symbiosis-Jennifer Baker and David Marshall, Steamboat Springs, CO

2015 Circle 7 Fine Art: Mountain Scenes Steamboat Springs, CO

2014 Awarded Cover of Yampa Valley Art & Gallery Guide

2014 Awarded Best of Show, Bust of Steamboat

2014 Louisville Art Association: National Juried Fine Art Show, Louisville, CO

2013 Center for the Arts Evergreen: Colorful Colorado, Evergreen, CO

2013 Artists Gallery of Steamboat: New Works Steamboat Springs, CO

2013 Artists Gallery of Steamboat: Birds Steamboat Springs, CO


2016 Steamboat Living Magazine:  Featured Artist

2014, 2015, 2016 Steamboat Pilot & Today

2013 The Valley Voice, Steamboat Springs, CO

Gallery Affiliations:

A Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

Steamboat Art Museum, Steamboat CO

Pine Moon Fine Art, Steamboat CO

The Fine Art & Frame Company, Ft. Collins, CO

David Marshall, Sculptor