Kathryn Fresques

Kathryn began her art career living in Boulder, Colorado as a member of a studio with 20+ artists. In 2008, Kathryn moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado with her husband of 32 years, where she has been able to spend more time in the studio working as a full time artist.

While Kathryn’s compositions may often change, landscapes are a frequent subject matter in her works of late. Pieces are often conceptualized through photography, traveling around the Yampa Valley capturing the beauty that lies before us all. Often, this provides the initial inspiration of a painting. Kathryn will begin by piecing different photos together to create a preliminary vision, but will make additions or changes to create a truly organic piece of art that may become something vastly different at completion than it was from conception. However, despite this transformation, Kathryn aims to maintain the lively and vibrant abstract energy that fueled the original inspiration—a type of intangible emotion she hopes viewers can likewise experience.