Robert Avon Lees


Robert Avon Lees is an interdisciplinary artist whose work includes Architecture, Landscape Architecture, painting and mixed media sculpture.  His focus is on integrating fine art, design and architecture.  He works intuitively, creating in an improvisational manner with his materials.
As a child, growing up in Minneapolis, MN, Lees was exposed to modern art at the Walker Art Center, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  Major exhibits of Kandinsky and other abstract painters made a deep impression on him.

Lees’ paintings are spontaneous, colorful, yet deep, abstract expressions reflecting his interest in the merging of contemporary scientific theories with mystical and metaphysical views.  His content expresses his vision of space, cellular matter, energy, transformation and other dimensions.

His compositions have an organic presence and aliveness.  Lees states, “forms and colors gain meaning as they relate to our inner selves.  Used separately or in relationships, colors and forms are metaphorical means of expressing different emotions, movements, and qualities of life.”

Lees creates a dynamic, highly charged surface by building up as many as 30 layers of paint using “chance” and allowing “accidents” to happen along the way.  His challenge in painting is to “create a pure intuitive dialogue emotionally and intellectually using deep insights.”